Woman gave sleeping pills to husband and started enjoying with her lover, but then...

Sep 18 2019 02:00 PM
Woman gave sleeping pills to husband and started enjoying with her lover, but then...

The cases of crime coming these days are becoming a surprise for everyone. In such a case, the matter which has come up recently is being reported of Punjabi Mohalla of Haryana. In this case, a 30-year-old man lived in a rented house with wife Sapna, the young man used to work as a salesman in a cloth house. When the young man reached home last Wednesday night, his wife added drugs to his food and after the young man fainted, his wife called her lover home.

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Later, when his wife and her lover started making physical relations, the woman's husband opened his eyes and he saw both of them in an objectionable position. At the same time, the wife and her lover started beating him after opposing her husband.

Meanwhile, the woman and her lover together hit a cylinder on the head of the woman's husband and Ravi died on the spot due to excessive bleeding. At the same time, after taking the lover out of the house, the woman closed the door and in the morning informed the relatives of the husband's death. At the same time, when the police reached, the woman said that there was a fight between the two last night.

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During this, the husband's head got hit by the bed due to which he died but the police did not believe the woman. After that the police took her into custody and a case has been filed against the woman on the complaint of the father of the deceased youth. The woman has also confessed her crime in the interrogation.

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