Divorced woman sent her nude photos to neighbour and then ...

Sep 18 2019 03:15 PM
Divorced woman sent her nude photos to neighbour and then ...

The recent case of crime has surprised everyone. In this case, the police have arrested two accused in the case of the gang rape of a woman in Mumbai . According to reports, Siddeshwar Gove, senior police inspector of Trombay police station, said, "The accused have been charged under sections 376D and 506 of the IPC and section 67 of the IT Act. Both are currently in judicial custody. Medical examination of the woman was done in a government hospital.

Talking further, police officials said, "The 25-year-old victim woman is originally from Satara in Maharashtra. The woman is the mother of a daughter and has been divorced from her husband a year ago. The woman used to come and go to her sister's house in Mumbai. A man lived in the neighbourhood there. Woman and the man became acquainted. Both used to talk for many hours. He was also aware of the woman's sister's husband. Whenever the woman came to Mumbai, she used to meet the man and go for a walk together.

The police claim about this, the man asked the woman to send nude photos which she sent from mobile and after that he started blackmailing the woman. With this, he threatened that if she does not come and meet him, then he will put the pictures on the internet. While the woman came to the city and met him, he was in a taxi with his friend Noor Sheikh. After that, both took the woman to the Trombay area and took the woman to an empty room there. Now there is an allegation in this case that both the man raped the woman there. Police arrested both.

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