Woman shares her painful experience of using adult toy

Aug 09 2018 02:33 PM
Woman shares her painful experience of using adult toy

Gone are the days when people needed a partner to spice up their sex lives. With the invention and introduction of sex toys, more commonly known as adult toys, you no longer require someone to satisfy your physical needs.

Well, it isn’t as easy as it seems. You require a lot of awareness regarding the same, to have a healthy experience of pleasure.



A woman named Nadia Bokody, from Sydney, Australia, who is Sex columnist, in one of her recent article revealed quite a weird secret.

She shared that she had been divorced from her husband for quite some time and was missing sex in her life.

So she decided to try something that she had been writing about, for quite some time.

She bought a vibrator. Like most of you may know, a vibrator is a device that fits into the vagina and gives you the pleasure that you may be longing for.

She was extremely satisfied and happy too, with the vibrator and started using it quite often.

A week after its frequent use, she started suffering from some sort of pelvic pain and decided to consult a doctor regarding the same.


The doctor prescribed her certain tests. When all the STD tests came negative, they discovered that it was the vibrator that had created the issue. She then concluded that a frequent use of vibrators could be actually harmful.

Hence, you must try using it less often and with a lot of attentiveness regarding the same.

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