Woman was unhappy with flight canceling, then swiftly something happened that made her millionaire

In the meantime, the cancellation of a woman's flight in Florida, USA, proved very lucky for her and she won a lottery worth about Rs 8 crore. The woman who became a millionaire through the lottery said she had not thought so in a dream either. The woman won a million-dollar lottery jackpot in Florida. She said she would never have bought a ticket if her flight had not been canceled unexpectedly.

Angela Caravella, 51, a resident of Kansas City, told Florida lottery officials that she spent more time in Florida than expected because her flight had been canceled. Due to this, the woman purchased some scratch-off lottery tickets to pass the time. "I thought something strange was going to happen after my flight was unexpectedly canceled," Caravella said.

She said, "I bought some scratch-off tickets to pass the time and from that, I won 743 lakh 70 thousand 50 rupees worth $1 million. Caravella won the top award on a $1,000,000 scratch-off ticket purchased from a public store in Brandon on The Fastest Road.'' The lottery-winner woman visited the lottery headquarters in Talhasi and decided to take a lump-sum payment of $790,000 in prize money.

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