Woman's clothes unloaded in showroom, surprised to know the case

Jaipur: A case of forced removal of clothes by a woman in a cloth theft case has come to light in the showroom of The World Trade Park Mall in Jaipur. The woman has now registered a case against the showroom owner and the employee at the police station. According to a complaint lodged with the police station, the victim had gone shopping in a showroom in the mall at 7.45pm on December 20. The woman went to the changing room of the showroom to try some dress. When the size was not good, the victim ordered clothes of her size from the salesman.

After trying the outfit in the same trial room, the woman came out with the outfit of her choice and went to the cash counter for billing. At the same time, the salesman accused the woman of reducing one piece of the trialoutfit. The woman told the showroom staff her bag and also checked the luggage. When nothing was found in the woman's bag, the salesman called other showroom staff and guards.

The woman told the showroom manager the whole thing, but she did not listen to one and called the woman guard and asked her to take off her clothes and conduct a search. The woman guard took the woman to the changing room in front of everyone and took off all the clothes of the woman and searched when the showroom owner and manager spoke. Nothing was found in the checking. The victim cried over her humiliation but no one listened to her. The victim later met the woman Additional Commissioner and a FIR was filed against the showroom owner and the employee on the directions of the Additional Commissioner.

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