Woman thinking of herself pregnant, got ultrasound then everyone's senses flew away

Nowadays, many strange things happen. Now recently a strange incident has once again come to light. In this incident, the size of the woman's stomach continued to increase for nine months because she felt that she was pregnant. However, nine months later, when she started getting nausea and did not feel comfortable, she underwent an ultrasound on the advice of the doctor. According to the report that came out, when the woman report came out, there was no baby in the stomach but a scary thing. Yes, and the doctors were also surprised to see what was seen inside the stomach. Let me tell you that the name of this girl is Hollie Welham, who is 21 years old.

It is being told that Holly Velham's stomach was constantly growing and when he felt nauseated and showed it to the doctor, the doctors advised her to get an ultrasound done. In the report that came out, doctors found that she is not pregnant but has a large ovarian cyst near her right ovary. Indeed, a sac filled with fluid in the ovary or on its surface is formed, which is called the ovarian cyst. In fact, many women have these cysts at some point or the other and these cysts can be small or sometimes quite large. However, there is no problem with small cysts and they heal and disappear without treatment. But large cysts can cause problems.

At the same time, according to Holly, I was very happy about my grown-up belly that I was pregnant. However, after nine months I couldn't believe that I didn't have a baby cyst in my stomach. "I was very happy at first but when the report came out, I was surprised. The team of doctors has removed that cyst of the size of the football. It is being told that Holi's surgery was done last month and the size of the cyst that the doctors removed from his stomach was more than 27 cm, i.e. increased by a football. In fact, Holly's stomach was also swollen due to the accumulation of liquidity in the stomach.

At the same time, during the surgery, the surgeon separated the cyst attached to her right ovary and fallopian tube and Holly has become back to the same as before. At the same time, an ovary also had to be removed during the surgery because the cyst was growing inside it. At the same time, Holly further said, "I got a lot of support from my family, boyfriend. I hope my fertility will not be affected and in the future I will be able to have more children. Though that time was very scary for me, but now I am slowly getting right.''

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