Girlfriend reached to jail for 'dating' murderer boyfriend, investigation underway

Aug 14 2019 01:08 PM
Girlfriend reached to jail for 'dating' murderer boyfriend, investigation underway

A recent crime case has come to light that can make your senses fly. According to reports, the case is in New Delhi, where a girlfriend went to 'date' inside the jail. Yes, it is in Tihar where a girlfriend went into the four walls of Asia's most squarely jailed prison, and that too inside the office of the jail superintendent. Yes, the Director-General of Prisons immediately set up a committee for a high-level inquiry and the inquiry committee launched the probe on Tuesday.

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Tihar Deputy Inspector General (Gel) Rajesh Chopra was appointed as the head of the committee, and Director General of Prisons Sandeep Goyal confirmed the formation of the committee to the news agency. According to reports, the investigating committee has to decide on how and when the friendship between Ram Mehr, the superintendent of jail No.2 and the girl happened. 

 The most serious thing among them is that the jail No.2 where such a major incident took place is the jail where underworld don Chhota Rajan, Bihar's Baahubali Shahabuddin and Delhi's dangerous criminal Neeraj Babania are also locked up.

Girlfriend jailed for 'dating' murderer's boyfriend, police under investigation

Asked about all these issues, Tihar Jail Director General Sandeep Goyal said, "I am conducting an inquiry from DIG jail. Negligence is serious. Who assumes responsibility will be decided only after the inquiry report comes. Whoever is guilty will be punished."

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