Women gave birth to 'Mermaid baby': What is Mermaid Syndrome

According to the reports, a woman who is from West Bengal gave birth to a baby with fused legs or mermaid-life features on Wednesday. But, the baby, who was born with a rare condition called 'Sirenomelia', also known as Mermaid Syndrome, at Chittaranjan Deva Sadan Hospital, a government-run hospital in Kolkata, the newborn baby just died four hours after it was born. The baby’s sex could not be identified due to its underdeveloped pelvis and fused legs.

Now we will let you know what is actually Mermaid Syndrome called?  Sirenomelia is a very much rare congenital developmental disorder characterized by anomalies of the lower spine and the lower limbs. Affected infants are born with a partial or complete fusion of the legs.

It is estimated that this condition is found in approximately one out of every 100,000 live births -about as rare as conjoined twins – although the exact incidence is unknown. The condition appears to affect males more often than females by a ratio of 2.7-1. Researchers do not know the exact cause of sirenomelia. However, they believe that both environmental and genetic factors may play a role in the development of the disorder.


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