Women get less fees in films than men, 'Troy' actress expresses her pain

Not only in Bollywood but also from Hollywood, voices have started coming now that the actress gets a very low fee compared to the actor. However, why this is so and what is the significant reason behind it, it is not known, but recently a famous Hollywood actress Diane Kruger expressed her displeasure over this and many things have been presented about it. In recent times, Hollywood has seen even more momentum in the conversation about the gender gap. But actress Diane Kruger feels that there are still some flaws in the process, as a result of which women actors are getting paid less than their male actors.

Diane Kruger reveals about low fees: She also says about it "I think that's what people are more aware of, but we still have a long way to go. It is moving forward and moving in the right direction. If anything we have made room for listening and to have an open discussion (on the matter) to happen," And her recent outing - The 355, which also stars Hollywood actors Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Sebastán Stan, is a film in that direction, as its makers have decided to treat everyone equally in terms of pay and other aspects.

Kruger says, "In this movie, Jessica (Chastain, the producer) decided that we were all being paid equally. We all had the same trailer, we all had the same conditions to work on. We all had the same value, the right to be there and talk about the characters." But the Troy (2004) actress has quickly said that it is going to take women who are in a position or who have created a position of power "to follow in reality." "I'm also appreciating the male producers who do it because you can't do it alone, you need men too." Kruger also feels that the makers still have doubts about making movies led by women or with all-female actors. Something that needs to be changed.

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