Women having regular sex live longer: Study

Apr 15 2019 08:58 PM
Women having regular sex live longer: Study

Sex is one of the most important biological needs of human. It not only delivers pleasure but also delivers many health benefits. According to a study, women who have regular sex can have longer lives because of an astounding reason.

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As per the report in The Sun, women between the age of 20-50 have a chance of living longer than those who don’t because regular sex boosts lifespan by protecting her DNA. The telemores on DNA are the protective caps which act as the body clock that shorten with time and eventually die over time. However, women who have regular sex are known to have longer telemores and the cells die out much later than expected.

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There are various health benefits in regular sex in a relationship and women certainly benefit from it. Regular sex has various other benefits but this is the first time that DNA has been directly linked to sex and a long life.

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