Women in India are earning less than half of what men earn, a shocking revelation in the Gender Gap Index report
Women in India are earning less than half of what men earn, a shocking revelation in the Gender Gap Index report

The latest Global Gender Gap Index, released by the World Economic Forum on June 12, has shed light on significant disparities between men and women worldwide. India has slipped to 129th place out of 146 countries, despite efforts to bridge gender inequalities. Sudan, amidst ongoing conflict, has improved its ranking, surpassing Afghanistan, which no longer appears on the list due to its political situation under Taliban rule.

Afghanistan's exclusion from the rankings was not unexpected, given its absence from the World Economic Forum's data due to ongoing conflict. Alongside Afghanistan, Myanmar, Russia, and Malawi are also absent from the WEF index. In South Asia, Pakistan ranks the lowest, while Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Bhutan have fared better than India.

Economic Disparities in India

Despite ongoing efforts in women's empowerment, India remains at the bottom in terms of economic gender equality. Economic inequality stands at 39.8%, indicating that women earn significantly less than men for similar work. With a population exceeding 1.4 billion, India has recorded a gender gap of 64.1% in 2024, while its score on economic equality has shown some improvement.

Bangladesh fares even worse with economic gender equality at 31.1%. Iran (34.3%), Pakistan (36%), and Morocco (40.6%) have also shown significant economic gender disparities.

Addressing Financial Inequality

According to the WEF report, reducing financial inequality and improving opportunities between men and women remains a critical global challenge to address gender disparities.

Iceland Tops Gender Equality

Iceland has emerged as the world's best country for gender equality in the latest WEF report, followed by Norway and Finland. The United Kingdom ranks 14th, Denmark 15th, and South Africa 18th.

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