Amazing! This woman made Shivlinga with 1,008 biscuit packets

Champaner: A woman (Radhika Soni) has made Shivlinga from biscuit packets at Champaner in Panchmahal district of Gujarat which is currently the talk of the town. Now pictures of that Shivlinga are fast going viral on social sites. Talking about this, a woman named Radhika Soni says that the Shivlinga made in this way is meaningful in many ways. He said, "I have decorated his idol for the celebration of Ganesha. This is the Shivalinga with biscuits. Through this, we are giving a message to the people to save food. People will understand that instead of spoiling, it should be distributed among the hungry and the needy. "

Speaking further, Radhika Soni, who made Shivlinga, said, "We have used 1,008 biscuit packets to make a large Shivalinga. At the same time, he also said, "The statue of Ganesha of biscuits is installed in Vaidra. In that case, we also built a Shivlinga and a miniature statue of Ganesha has also been immersed. They also have jewellery. When asked what was the reason for making such a Shivlinga? In response, Radhika Soni said, 'When I heard that about 1/3 rd of food is wasted every day around the world, but still the poor do not get food. In that case, we decided to spread awareness about the wastage of food. Now, after immersion, we will donate it to the poor.''

Let us also tell you that Champaner-Pavagarh archaeological park is known for UNESCO world heritage site. On the other hand, land experts say that Champaner has a history of 2,000 years and some people also call it an ancient smart city because of the excellent structures present here.

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