Woman accused of molestation in hospital, but truth comes to light…

Nov 27 2019 04:40 PM
Woman accused of molestation in hospital, but truth comes to light…

The case that has come up recently is from Sector-56, Gurugram in NCR adjacent to Delhi, where the technician has been accused of molesting the woman who is undergoing treatment. In this case, a 30-year-old woman has alleged that she was wrongly touched by a technician on Sunday (24 November). Now, in this case, the woman has written a police complaint against the accused technician.

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According to the information received, the director of the hospital has also made allegations against the woman who came for treatment and in the police complaint she said, "The woman came with some people in the hospital, and she was the one who molested the woman." And the hospital was also vandalized. "The police say that," the woman was admitted to the private hospital, who had allegedly consumed poison. The woman had demanded a waiver in the hospital bill, but when she was not given such a discount according to her, the woman and her relatives together created uproar and sabotage in the hospital.

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In the case, the police say, "The woman's relatives pulled the director from her cabin and threatened her." According to the police, "the woman alleges that when she was taken for X-ray. The technician reportedly touched the woman inappropriately, but she did not protest because she was not fully conscious at that time. " In this case, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Preet Pal Sangwan said, "The woman told her relatives about the incident, who had informed the doctor about this, but still no action was taken against the technician." At present, the police are busy checking the CCTV footage for further action.

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