Women likes these moments during sex

Mar 22 2020 03:02 PM
Women likes these moments during sex

Sex is such a part of life that everyone wants to live openly in today's time. Not only here, in today's time, not only the elders but the children also want to enjoy this life openly. At the same time, no one knows that most get excited for sex. And also demands many things from her partner. So let's know about this ...

1. Touch: Women feel the love of men in many ways, most of which draws attention to the 'mischief' done by your mouth. To show love in the eyes, to move the lips on sensitive organs, to touch the body in any other way is pleasing to women. The touch of delicate organs from the front of the tongue is also enough to make women feel nauseated.

2. Foreplay's most important: Kamakrida's real fun is not only on reaching the peak, but should also enjoy every moment of it. The foreplay is also an important part of it, which has its own fun. The women involved in the survey admitted that the excitement during the foreplay is of a different kind. Women said that men should be a little 'creative' in terms of sex. It is very pleasing to women to do something new and completely different.

3. There is a difference between 'pleasure' and 'satisfaction': In research it was found that men as well as women also believed that they liked sex more than condoms. But women also believed that they get more relaxed when condoms are used during sexual intercourse. This relates to 'protection'. The women involved in the survey said that condoms are an effective way to prevent sexual diseases. By using this, women are able to enjoy sex completely.

4. Slow, Relaxed: All women want that their very soft organs are not given much trouble in the initial stages. Women want men to treat their sensitive organs sensitively. This means that during sexual intercourse, if they want to use the tongue and fingers to create the necessary sensations, then they should eradicate them by giving them trouble.

5. Environment also affects: During research, 50 percent of the women admitted that they could not reach the peak due to lack of favorable weather and environment during sexual intercourse. Women believed that in fact, they have more problems due to the cold feet of men.

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