World Children's Day began this year, Know the importance of the day

We Indians are only cognizant of the day of November 14th because of the moniker "Children's Day." Children's Day is observed in India on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the country's first Prime Minister. However, World Children's Day is observed on November 20 each year, not on this day. Surprisingly, children used to celebrate Children's Day in India on the same day. The day is observed to encourage international unity, raise awareness among children worldwide, and promote children's welfare. The adoption of child rights by the United Nations (United Nations) General Assembly on November 20, 1959, is a significant occasion because it was on this day that the United Nations (United Nations) General Assembly announced the adoption of child rights. .

World Children's Day was established in 1954 as Universal Children's Day and is commemorated every year on November 20. This is also the date on which the United Nations General Assembly approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. World Children's Day inspires us all to campaign for and protects the rights of children.

Children are our future-children are our future, and we must ensure that they will have access to health and a better life in the future, as well as rights that will enable them to contribute to a healthy community and a healthy planet. Children's rights must be protected if a better world is to be developed.

Children have no impact in any type of governance in the world, despite the fact that most nations in today's world have democratic governments. It is the obligation of society and government to provide a secure and pleasant environment for children so that they can help build a brighter future for their country.

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