World considers 26/11 as "Hindu Terrorism"

New Delhi: Today, 13 years have passed since the Mumbai attack, but people have still not forgotten the dark day of November 26, 2008, when Pakistani terrorists gave a blood bath to mumbai, the country's economic capital. Not only that, there was also a complete conspiracy to put the blame for this terror attack on the heads of Hindus. However, it was foiled by the intelligence of Mumbai Police Inspector Sanjay Govilkar. It was because of him that Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab was captured alive. This was revealed by Rakesh Maria, commissioner of Mumbai Police, in one of his books. This shows that if terrorist Kasab had not been caught alive that day, the whole world, including India, would have considered the gruesome attack as "Hindu terrorism".

Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based and supported terror group that carried out the 26/11 attack, hatched a very dangerous plot to turn it into a terrorist attack by India's Own Hindus. Ajmal Kasab was made a Hindu and taken down to play holi of blood on the streets of Mumbai. He had a kalava (red thread) tied in his hand and was given a Hindu name. All the 10 attackers, including Kasab, were sent to Mumbai as Hindus with fake ID cards. Kasab was given a Hindu name like 'Sameer Chaudhary' to identify him as a Hindu after his death and it appeared that the attack was carried out by 'Hindu terrorists'. When this happens, it would have been propagated that people are being killed in the name of 'saffron terrorism'. RSS is behind it. Moreover, some foreign-funded journalists and social activists would go to Sameer Chaudhary's house and address to prove this theory to be true, and Kasab would eventually be proved as Sameer Chaudhary. But Govilkar's cleverness and vigilance opened his door and the entire planning of Pakistan's 'Hindu terrorism' was dashed.

Govilkar was posted at DB Marg police station during the attack. They were asked to blockade Girgaum Chowpatty. It was here that his team faced Ajmal Kasab and his partner Ismail. The two terrorists had arrived here in a snatched Skoda car. Constable Tukaram Oble was killed in the firing by the militants. O'Ble had taken 40 bullets on his chest. Ismail was killed in police retaliation. Other policemen were also baffled to see their partner injured and proceeded to kill him. The policemen would have shot Kasab too, but Govilkar explained to them and advised them not to kill him, that is the evidence. Govilkar had said on the whole incident, 'If there was any delay, Kasab would have been shot dead by the police. Kasab's capture alive revealed that night that the terrorists had come from Pakistan and the entire plan to attack Mumbai was planned in Pakistan. All this information would not have been available that night if Sanjay Govilkar had not caught Kasab alive. Govilkar was also awarded the President's Medal for his bravery.

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