Know Why World Day for Biodiversity is celebrated

International Day of Biological Diversity is celebrated on May 22 every year. It is also known as 'World Biodiversity Conservation Day'. It was started by the United Nations. Biodiversity is very important in our lives. Considering the importance of biodiversity in maintaining the natural and environmental balance, it was decided to celebrate biodiversity day as an international day. The decision was taken at the Biodiversity Conference held in Nairobi on December 29, 1992, but due to practical difficulties expressed by many countries, it was decided to celebrate the day on May 22 instead of May 29.

We need to create an environment that can give us opportunities for rich, sustainable and economic activities in biodiversity. Due to the lack of biodiversity, the risk of natural disasters such as floods, droughts and storms, etc., increases even more and more, so the conservation of biodiversity is very important for us.

Life exists on earth in the form of many species of millions of specific biologicals and our life is the unique gift of nature. Therefore, we should protect the contribution of trees and plants, many kinds of animals, soil, air, water, ocean plateaus, sea-rivers, all these natures, because it is also beneficial for our survival and development. It needs to be made aware of the importance of biodiversity and the dangers of its absence, especially by showcasing the protection of forests, culture, art crafts of life, music, clothing, food, the importance of medicinal plants, etc.

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