World English Language Day: Unknown fact related to this day…read inside

Apr 23 2019 05:05 AM
World English Language Day: Unknown fact related to this day…read inside

April 23 is observed as UN English Language Day, every year. The day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2010 to celebrate the English language and multilingualism. English Language Day marks the birthday and date of death of famed writer William Shakespeare. In the year 2010, an initiative by the Department of Public Information established language days for each of the Organization's six official languages from across the world.

History Of English Language Day

The first origins of the English Language can be found in medieval England and takes its name from the Angles. The Angles were a West Germanic tribe that found its way to England, taking their name from the Anglia peninsula that juts out into the Baltic Sea. From its inception, it has taken on grammar, tones, and words from every language it has come into contact with. There are those who would argue that English is no longer a language of its own, but an amalgam of every language it’s come into contact with.

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How to celebrate English Language Day

Celebrate English Language Day by learning a bit about its history, and words that may not be in use at the moment. Learn about where it’s spoken, and how it’s used. Maybe take some time to help someone learning English get a little better at it, or even learn about the different variations there are. Canadian English, UK English, Scots English, and American English all have their own little colloquialisms and slang that differ broadly from each other! Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn how one language can have so many variations and still be considered a single language? English Language Day gives you the chance to do just that!

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