World Environment Day: MP Govt to plant trees on banks of Narmada

Sehore: MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced on Sunday that on World Environment Day (June 5), his government would take an oath to plant trees along the Narmada's banks for a month.

"Trees and plants used to grow far and wide surrounding the banks of Mother Narmada, from where water splashed out and mixed in Narmada ji in the past. However, this is no longer the case, and that is why the Narmada Seva Mission initiative is being implemented. This is a campaign to raise environmental consciousness in society."

The Chief Minister made the remarks at a Narmada Seva Mission event held at the Amli Ghat of the Narmada River in Rehti, Sehore district. To raise the river's water level, Chouhan indicated that water-absorbing eucalyptus trees will be taken down and replaced with sal plants.

"To boost the water level, water-absorbing eucalyptus trees will be taken down and replaced with sal trees. Sal trees release water into the earth through their roots. On June 5, World Environment Day, we shall make a vow to plant seedlings on the banks of Mother Narmada from that day until Hariyali Amavasya "he stated He stated that the government will construct ponds on both sides of the Narmada River at suitable locations. The Chief Minister also announced a ban on new construction along the Narmada River's banks.

"The government has banned any new construction along the Narmada River's banks. Construction of houses, schools, dharamsalas, hotels, and other structures on the Narmada River's banks has been going on for a long time, and their sewage has been thrown in the river. Due to this, the Narmada's water became polluted, and new construction has been prohibited in order to keep it clean "he said.

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