WHO team reached Beijing for investigation of coronavirus

Jul 10 2020 04:54 PM
WHO team reached Beijing for investigation of coronavirus

Geneva: The global pandemic coronavirus originated from Wuhan city of China, now some experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) are reaching China to know how it started. Two WHO experts will stay in Beijing for the next two days, where preparations for this investigation will begin. This includes an animal expert and an epidemiologist expert, during this investigation, it will be seen how the virus came from animals to humans.

Scientists believe that the virus was spread by bats, after which it spread to people through some more animals. Some changes have been made on the market of animals and their sale. But even now China remains a constant target of the world. Amidst this pressure, the WHO announced that it would send its team to China to know the origin of the virus, which China agreed that it should be investigated in every country of the world.

WHO was accused of defending China in the Coronavirus crisis which is why the US stopped funding the WHO. About 120 countries of the world had demanded an investigation into the origin of this virus, after which China had said that the first corona epidemic should be ended. Now in China, corona has almost ended, although a second wave has been seen here.

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