Know why world homeopathy day is celebrated

Apr 10 2020 12:04 AM
Know why world homeopathy day is celebrated

Homeopathic medicines are effective for treating any condition or disease; Homeopathy has been found to be more effective than placebo in large-scale studies. The creator of Homeopathy Medicine is Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the 'principle of symmetry' of medicine, according to which drugs can cure diseases similar to those they can cause. The curative power of the drug is dependent on the symptoms that may arise. Those who like the symptoms of the disease but should be strong. Therefore, the disease can be very definitively destroyed from root, without delay and forever by the same medicine which can produce all the symptoms in the human body, strong with the symptoms of the disease and very similar to the symptoms.

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In the homeopathy method, the main task of the doctor is to listen to the life-history and symptoms mentioned by the patient and choose the medicine that produces the same symptoms. The greater the similarity between the symptoms and drug symptoms, the greater the chances of the patient becoming healthy. The experience of a doctor is his greatest assistant. For the treatment of chronic and difficult disease, both patient and physician require patience. Some homeopathy medical system proponents believe that the cause of the disease is the increase of atrophy in the body.

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Homeopathy practitioners believe that every living being we have a tendency to maintain the Êfunctional norm of the senses and when this functional ideal is distorted, the creature has many reactions to achieve this ideal. The creature is only assisted in its efforts by medicine. The medicine should be given in small amounts, because in the disease, the patient is hyper-sensitive. A small amount of the drug is effective, so that only one effect appears and there are no side effects. This monophasic effect is regulated in the restoration of health due to the modulated aggregation of tissues in the morbid state. Scholars consider homeopathy as pseudoscience.

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