World Intelligence Expo 2024 Underway in Tianjin: New AI's Role in Global Development
World Intelligence Expo 2024 Underway in Tianjin: New AI's Role in Global Development

The 2024 World Intelligence Expo (WIE) commenced on June 20th and is to be concluded on June 23 in Tianjin under the theme 'Intelligence: Expansive Development Space, Sustainable Growth Driver.' Co-hosted by the municipal governments of Tianjin and Chongqing, this event marks a significant milestone in the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide.

AI Driving Global Change
Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his congratulatory message, highlighted AI as a pivotal force driving the current technological revolution and industrial transformation. He emphasized its profound impact on global socioeconomic development and human civilization. President Xi reiterated China's commitment to integrating the Internet, big data, and AI with the real economy to foster high-quality development.

Commitment to AI Development
President Xi expressed China's strong support for the growth of intelligence industries and the development of new, productive forces. He pledged China's collaboration with other nations to leverage digitalization opportunities, deepen international cooperation in AI development and governance, and promote the healthy growth of AI alongside global economic progress.

Focus on Innovation and Collaboration
At the expo's opening ceremony, key speakers such as Chen Min'er, Secretary of the CPC Tianjin Committee, and Wan Gang, Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, emphasized Tianjin's commitment to scientific and technological innovation. Officials underscored the importance of robust research and development, cross-sector application of AI, and the establishment of a thriving AI innovation ecosystem.

Shaping the Future of AI
The World Intelligence Expo 2024 serves as a platform for global leaders, innovators, and industry experts to explore AI's transformative potential and its applications across various sectors. With a focus on sustainable growth and expansive development, the expo aims to chart a course for AI-driven advancements that benefit societies worldwide.

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