World Kiss Day: Know these tremendous benefits of kissing...

International Kiss Day is celebrated with the aim of bringing the benefits of healthy relationships and kisses to people. A kiss is a beautiful means of expression of emotions. By kissing, the love and attachment in the relationship increases, as well as there are going to be some health benefits. It is beneficial to do what is for health. What works to reduce many types of physical problems? Health experts say that during the kiss, 34 facial muscles of the face and 112 lateral muscles of the body become active. Due to this, the muscles become tight and toned. Kissing rapidly increases blood circulation in the face, making the skin appear young and beautiful. A kiss serves to prevent ageing and treat physical problems. On the occasion of World Kissing Day, know about the health benefits of kissing.

Kissing increases immunity: Kissing increases immunity. According to a study report published in the journal Microbiome in 2014, the clivia of the couple starts transferring to each other while kissing on the lips. There are some germs in the saliva in small quantities, which when exposed to them start to form antibodies against the immune system. Due to this germ that reaches the body by kissing, the risk of future disease starts decreasing rapidly.

Kissing reduces stress: Kissing also slowly reduces depression and stress. Due to the hormone cortisol, stress increases in humans. But when people kiss each other, hug or express love, the level of cortisol in the brain starts to fall. This releases the oxytocin hormone, which reduces stress. In simple words, kissing is the mood fresh. Anxiety begins to decrease with restlessness and insomnia.

Kissing reduces the complaint of high BP: Explain that kissing can be an effective treatment for people who have a problem with high blood pressure. Kissing expert and author Andrea Demirjian says that when people kiss, their heart rate starts to increase. Due to this, the blood vessels become wider and the blood flow is better, which keeps the blood pressure under control.

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