The saga queen Lata Mangeshkar and Shaan spoke on their experience of Music

Music is a significant part of a person's’ life. The music lovers have a kind of relationship with every song they like or dislikes. A favourite song shares the empathy in the form of healing a heart, getting remember someone, lifting our spirit, filling our head with numerous thoughts and sometimes blow all waste concept out of our mind.

It's a great day and opportunity to show your gratitude to all those wonderful faces who regularly gives us such presents. Paying tribute to the singers, there are some views and stories that they shared in their day:

1. Lata Mangeshkar

The veteran singer to whom the whole world admire said that she never consider herself as established and said:“Riyaaz. That is what makes singing worthwhile. I never felt I had enough time to do riyaaz because I was in and out of recordings constantly. But I still made time to do riyaaz. Alas, not enough time. I wish I had devoted more time to practising my classical singing”, as she still strives for excellence. For today’s music world she termed singers as satisfied while saying that “I get the feeling they are happy achieving what they get to achieve in no time at all. No artist should be satisfied with what he or she has achieved. There is always another sky to conquer beyond the one that you think you've just reached”. “An A.R. Rahman or a Shankar Mahadevan are so successful and long-lasting because they know their classical heritage”, she added.

2. Shaan

The Bengali singer said “I feel fortunate to have witnessed all the great singers of yesteryear. I have seen Ravi Sahab, Kishor da, Lata Ji, Asha Ji sing in front of a mike. Thanks to my father, at a very young age, I visited the studious often”, while sharing the experience of music history and changes in it. He also stated Music as a favourite among his all profession and said added that “Once a singer, always a singer”.

The day is writing its history with International Yoga Day. Many events are getting organized in the honour of world’s pleasant vocals. And #worldwithoutmusic is trending on Twitter to realize the importance of music on earth.

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