Girls on the way suddenly saw beautiful flowers, sniffed, and health deteriorated

A beautiful flower put two young women in big problems. The flower that attracted these girls was actually the world's worst drug. The two girls made a video of the flower sniffing but will be stunned to know what happened after that.



The same case is from Toronto, Canada. Singer Rafaella, who lives here, caught sight of a very beautiful flower as she walked around with another friend. Seeing this yellow flower, they broke the flower and made a video of it sniffing. However, Rafaella and her friend were unaware that sniffing the flower would be very dangerous for them. The video she made while sniffing the flower is going viral on social media.

Though nothing happened to her immediately after sniffing the flower, her health began to deteriorate when she arrived at a friend's birthday party from here. "We both suddenly felt so bad that we had to leave," Said Rafaella. Rafaella said in a post on Instagram that she later learned that the flower, known as Angel's Trumpet, contains the world's worst drug called scopolamine. According to the information received, Rafaella and his friend had inadvertently poisoned themselves by sniffing flowers.

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