World Senior Citizens: If a person has Confidence then he can do wonders, Find Interesting Stories!

Aug 21 2019 01:16 AM
World Senior Citizens: If a person has Confidence then he can do wonders, Find Interesting Stories!

At present, many challenges in the country are also coming up due to the increase in the number of elderly people due to 'increasing age', etc. The number is estimated to increase from 10 to 23% in 25 years. It will be an important task for family members to take care of the elderly. It is suggested that sons and daughters keep the elderly together.

The problems of many elders were solved at the center run by the Amrai Senior Citizens' Association of Police. In his statement, he said, "It has been 25 years since the Centre was established. So far, more than 700 cases have been found, with the elderly being brought to justice and reconciled with the family. Elderly people suffer from family violence, real estate grabs, non-nutrition problems. It has both rich and poor classes. The support has started to bring the elderly to justice using the Maintenance and Welfare Act, 2007."

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The second shift in life started because of a life-long life: retirement from a job or work should not mean sitting at home and watching TV and life confined to a colony park. Life can still be lived with the enthusiasm of young people if there is a will. This proves that some of the city's elderly people are also. On the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons, the magazine spoke to some elders who live freely and have made the adventure a part of life.

Starting the second innings of his life as a tracker: 68-year-old Girish Soni was fond of trekking since childhood. While in NCC and scouts, he was also trekking, but he could not continue with the job. After retirement, he joined Youth Hostel and has now become a regular tracker for five to six years. Along with local trekking, they also go to the national track. He says he never liked watching TV at home after retirement, so he chose adventure. He says age is only a number so the real thing is the enthusiasm of living and he should always be plentiful.

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19 thousand km biking after retirement: Dilip Chauhan retired from the bank job two years ago, then bought a motorcycle and left with his wife on a trip to India. In a 127-day voyage this year, he biked entire India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Wife Pooja stayed with them the whole time. Chauhan used to ride 300 km of bikes every day.

He has biked on the difficult mountain paths of Bhutan. He also traveled to Leh-Ladakh by bike and travelled to the Kashmir Valley. They couldn't even beat diabetes. All they did was keep the glucometer together and eat according to its readings. He said he could complete the difficult journey only with the help of wife Pooja.

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