World's Biggest Aircraft, Has Wings Larger Than The Football Field

Recently the world's largest aircraft have been introduced in front of the logo. This aircraft has been introduced by Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen to the world in front of the world's largest aircraft, which is producing Alan's aerospace firm. Initially, its estimated cost was $ 300 million in 2011. The plane aircraft first appeared in Hangar, present in Mojave, California. 

Talking about the largest aircraft, it has 28 wheels and 6 engines. Which is of 747 aircraft. This aircraft has been prepared in two parts. The two parts of it are capable of carrying rockets between your body. After the plane reaches a height, the launch vehicle will fire, which will fire its boosters and launch the satellite in space only from the air. This method will prove to be quite cheap, accurate and fast. 

According to the website Popular Magazine, its wingspan is taller than any aircraft so far, which stretches to about 385 feet. According to the magazine, Plane Howard Hughes's H-4 Hercules and the Soviet Union cargo plane will be larger than Antonov N-225. The weight of this aircraft is said to be two lakh kg. It can also fly with a weight up to 1.3 million pounds. 

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