World’s dangerous hotel is built on This high hill

Dec 13 2018 03:33 PM
World’s dangerous hotel is built on This high hill

There are many hotels all over the world which are famous for their beauty throughout the world. Till date you will be staying in many hotels during the roaming and enjoying the beauty of the place. But today we are going to tell you about a dangerous hotel where the stay is not empty from danger. This hotel is made up of hills. Staying at this hotel will not be less than an adventure trip for you. If you also have a passion to explore places full of adventures, then definitely go to this hotel.  

This hotel is the Skylose Hotel on the Sacred Valley of Peru. It is one of the most dangerous hotels in the world. This hotel is hanging on a 400 feet high hill. Living on which is no less than any danger. This hotel is the world's tallest hotel. The rooms in this hotel are engaged with the hills. At least 8 people at the same time can live comfortably. Apart from this, there are six windows in these rooms. There is no problem with the arrival of the air. 

Transparent capsule suites have been built on this hill. Where you can go by zipline Four beds, one bathroom and one dining room have been built in capsule suites. From where you can see the beautiful views of the hills. The price of this hotel is ₹ 20000.


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