World’s fastest auto rickshaw manufactures by two cousin brothers...check here

May 15 2019 04:25 PM
World’s fastest auto rickshaw manufactures by two cousin brothers...check here

In recent news, If you thought auto rickshaws are slow, then check this out-- world's fastest auto rickshaw has done a top speed of 119.584 km/h. Now, that's really fast for a three-wheeler. Matt Everard, along with his cousin Russell Shearman, set this record for the fastest auto rickshaw in the world by taking his Thai Tuk-Tuk to a maximum speed of 119.584 km/h. This attempt, which took place at the Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, has also been recognized by Guinness World Records.

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It is to be noted that to earn this title, Matt had to beat the previously set world record of 109.43 km/h with a passenger sitting at the back (a role very well played by Russell in this case). Talking about this achievement right after the race, Matt told to Guinness World Records, "I'm just really excited, really happy...I want to go and open a bottle of champagne!"

Here it is to be noted that Matt, a UK-based businessman, bought his Thai Tuk-Tuk five months back and along with team's race engineer-- The Billericay Stig -- started heavily reworking it  in an effort to set a new world record. Their first step was to equip the Tuk-Tuk with a strong heart. So, they replaced its engine with a powerful 1,300 cc fuel-injected engine capable of speeds over 144.84 km/h. This, along with fine-tuning, cost Matt £20,000 (that's more than ₹18 lakh), but perhaps it was all worth it in the end.

To be noted that the attempt to set record for world's fastest auto rickshaw was presided over by a motor sport event company called Straightliners. Talking about the sponsors for the team Tuk Tuk, it was Matt's own company and few of Matt's and Russell's friends who contributed. Both, Matt an Russell, have a penchant for action. While Matt describes himself as a "fanatical petrol-head who has a love of all things fast and noisy and loves riding his Thai Tuk Tuk round his home town of Billericay", Russell is an adrenaline junkie who often spends his time skydiving. The brothers, through their efforts, are trying to raise money for a hospice.

Matt and Russell have plans of attempting to set a 160.93 km/h record, but before that, the brothers are keen to take on the fastest shed in the world which has massive 465 brake horsepower and top speed of 141.71 km/h.

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