World's fastest car, ready to make the record
World's fastest car, ready to make the record

In 2015, British company Bloodhound SSC built a car with the same name, which can hold speeds of 1,287 km per hour. Unfortunately, in 2018, after the presentation of the super-fast car, the company went bankrupt, but it was suddenly saved by an entrepreneur named Ian Warrst, who recently hired a new team of workers and announced a long-awaited early arrival date - October 2019.

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The car had already moved to the speed platform in 2017, but had only a speed of 338 km per hour, which could have surprised fewer people. Now the new owners of the car have renamed it bloodhound LSR, and intends to bring it to 960 kmph. The test will take place in Africa, at the bottom of a dry-up lake in the Kalahari Desert - a huge 18-kilometer route placed there.

Fastest Car

The length of the bloodhound LSR is 12.9 meters, the width is 2.5 meters and the height is 3 meters. The total mass of the structure is 6.4 tons but, despite the great weight, the car is quite capable of achieving great speed due to the special size of the hull. If necessary, the machine can be equipped with rocket engine.

First, the company wants to test it at a relatively low speed. If everything goes smoothly, rocket engines will be installed in 2020.

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Record of car speed

As mentioned above, the highest speed race car driver on the car, Andy Green, acquired the Thrust SSC car in 1997. With two turbofan engines normally used in passenger aircraft, it will hold a speed of 1,000 km per hour in just 16 seconds. The record was set at the bottom of a dry lake in the American desert of Black Rock, where a 21-kilometer track was laid.

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