World's biggest swing is being built in this country, 1900 people will be able to sit in one go

Apr 04 2020 06:09 PM
World's biggest swing is being built in this country, 1900 people will be able to sit in one go

Usually, very high swings are not made in India and those that are not are very big. By the way, only 25-30 or 50 people can sit in the swings, but do you know where the world's biggest swing is being made. This swing is so big that 1900 people will be able to sit together in it. It is going to be almost twice bigger than the 'London Eye' swing, which is called Europe's highest swing. This swing is being made on the Bluewaters Island (island) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is also being told that this five Boeing 747 jumbo jet weighs as much as that means its total weight is 900 tons. The height of this swing, which stops breathing, is 250 meters. Apart from this, 48 pods have been made to sit in it.

The material required to make this swing has been sourced from Dubai by ship. The world's largest crane has been used to make it. This crane is capable of lifting around 1200 metric tons. Apart from this, two more cranes were also used, which are capable of lifting around 3000 tons. According to Pearce Siday, the project manager of this swing, about 98 percent of the swing work has been completed. It is believed that by the end of this year it will start. When it starts, it will be considered the world's largest swing. At present, the 167 meter high swing in the US is considered the world's tallest swing.

Let us tell you that the bluewaters island on which this swing is being built is not a natural but a man-made island, which started in the year 2013. In April 2019, it was announced to swing. The work of making it is almost finished now.

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