World's only floating post office in Kashmir completes 200 years of service

Jun 22 2021 06:57 PM
World's only floating post office in Kashmir completes 200 years of service

We all have heard of floating gardens, houseboats and vegetable market but Kashmir’s Famous Dal Lake has a floating Post office. Yes! Isn’t it unbelievable, the only floating post office in the whole world.

This two centuries old floating post office was started in the British era and still continues to deliver letters and couriers. The delivery of the post is done by a postman while travelling in a shikara. All the services of the Post office are available at this floating post office on Dal Lake while being afloat. Farooq Ahmad, Post Master said ‘’This is a 200 year old post office from even before the Maharaja’s time to British Era. It was finally called a floating post office. There is no change in the number of posts sent across.” He added “When there is tourist flow, we don’t have time to even talk. Thousands of People come to take pictures in this Post office. They can buy special covers, postcards and stamps from here. The Postman hires a shikara and delivers the letter to houseboats. This has been going on for years and still continues.” Mohd Ismail is a Postman working for years with the India Post. He has been delivering letters everyday to people living on the lake. The locals living on the lake say the Internet and Social network has impacted the letter writing and sending to a lot of extent. But some people miss it as it used to be emotional to receive or send a letter in earlier times.

The floating post office has a collection of old stamps and used to have a small museum in one of the rooms which was damaged in the 2014 floods. ‘’This post office has been there for a long time. It is so easy for houseboat owners to receive and send letters. People have shifted to email and social networks for now and the art of letter writing has gone down. The feeling of receiving or sending a letter was a great feeling,’’ Said Noor Mohammad, houseboat owner.

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