Do you know about the world's tallest girl, is taller than The Great Khali

Long height is the desire of every person in the world. In such a situation, some people are of good height while some remain small. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about a girl whose height is more than Indian wrestler Dalip Singh Rana aka 'The Great Khali'. You may not be sure to hear, but you can see. In fact, this girl was also mocked many times due to her height, but due to her long height, the name of this girl has also been included in the Guinness Book of World Records many times. This girl has a genetic disorder due to which her height is so much. Let's tell you about her.  


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Who is the tallest girl in the world- Actually the name of the tallest girl in the world is Rumeysa Gelgi, whose age is 25 years. Rumeysa hails from Turkey and her height is 7 feet 7 inches while the height of Dalip Singh Rana aka 'The Great Khali' is 7 feet 1 inch. Yes, and Rumeysa has three world records. This includes the tallest living teenager, the longest finger of a living woman at 4.4 inches and the world record for the longest living woman's back at 23.58 inches. Along with this, Rumeysa also holds the record for having the longest hand claw, while her right hand is 9.81 inches and her left hand is 9.55 inches. 

Let us tell you that Rumeysa uses a wheelchair or walking stick to walk as she cannot walk at speed due to her height. Yes and apart from this, she also has to eat food slowly, otherwise the food gets stuck in her throat. Along with this, she also has a lot of problems in breathing and standing.

In a conversation with a famous website, Rumeysa Gelgi said, "I was ridiculed a lot even after being tall, but the comments made on me made me strong from inside. She can now deal with any negative comment. She made people aware that if someone has any disorder and they are different from other people, then they have nothing to fear. I too was different from others since childhood. My height was much longer than usual. But now I am happy that I have made so many world records.''

What is a genetic disorder Weaver's syndrome- Weaver's syndrome is a rare genetic condition in which the length of the bones increases much faster than normal.

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