Worldwide Covid caseload tops 325.7 Million

The University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) released its latest update on Sunday morning, disclosing that the current global caseload and death toll were 325,725,055 and 5,534,775, respectively, while the total number of vaccine doses administered had increased to 9,603,435,894.

According to the CSSE, the United States continues to be the worst-affected country, with 65,402,606 cases and 849,994 fatalities.

India is the country with the second-highest number of cases (36,850,962 infections and 485,752 fatalities), followed by Brazil (22,981,851 infections and 621,233 deaths).The other countries with over 5 million cases are the UK (15,246,110), France (14,005,385), Russia (10,592,433), Turkey (10,404,994), Italy (8,549,450, Spain (8,093,036), Germany (7,946,157), Argentina (7,029,624) Iran (6,218,741) and Colombia (5,511,479), the CSSE figures showed.
The nations with a death toll of over 100,000 are Russia (314,166), Mexico (301,107), Peru (203,265), the UK (152,395), Indonesia (144,167), Italy (140,856)), Iran (132,044), Colombia (130,860), France (127,859), Argentina (117,989), Germany (115,599), Ukraine (104,663) and Poland (102,270).

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