Animals hit by corona after humans, things are even more alarming

In Uttar Pradesh, two lionesses including a lion have been infected at Lion Safari in Etawah. Earlier, 8 Asian lions of Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad were hit by covid. Initially, covid symptoms were tested RTPCR, with all the reports positive. That is, in the second wave of covid, humans, as well as animals, are getting infected.

Two lionesses including lion in Etawah corona positive: Where It is learnt that one lion and 2 lionesses have been infected in Etawah Lion Safari. Thereafter, they have been sent to isolation. At the same time, treatment is going on. The safari lion was RTPCR examined on Thursday in which its report was found positive.

8 lions infected in Hyderabad: 8 Asian lions living in Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad have been infected before. The incident was the first such incident in the country when an animal was hitten by a corona. In fact, lions showed signs of coughing, nasal watering, and loss of appetite.  He was then tested by the JU staff for an RT-PCR test. In which all the reports came positive.

Even before the animals had corona: The second wave of covid has also started targeting animals. However, in 2020, animals in many countries of the world showed signs of covid, and reports were positive. Last year, many tigers in the United States were infected with covid. Cats and dogs in Hong Kong also showed signs of the corona.

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