Worship Peepal tree like this, and increase wealth and prosperity in life
Worship Peepal tree like this, and increase wealth and prosperity in life

Peepal tree is believed to be the grace of all the Gods. The worship of Peepal tree is especially done to remove Saturn's flaw. It is believed that Saturn can be calmed by burning water in a peepal tree on Saturday. The special significance of the orbiter of the peepal tree is also counted. At the same time, measures of People's leaves are also reported which can improve the economic condition.

If you are experiencing frequent financial difficulties, then you can try this remedy. However, do not use this remedy for greed.

These measures will be 

-Saturdays should be worshiped by Shani Dev on Saturday evening. After this, put the mustard oil on the bottom under the peepal tree. Now break some of his leaves from the same tree and bring it home and wash it with gangaajal. Now add turmeric to the water and prepare a thick slurry and write a handful of a right-hand finger on the leaf of Peepal about this solution.

-Now keep it in your place of worship and worship it with incense and light. Keep in mind your Eating God and pray that your desires will be fulfilled.

-If you do not have a place of worship in your house, then sit in a Padmash and sit in a clean place. Keep this leaf in a clean plate and in the same way do pooja while showing sunlight.

After every Saturday change the address, place the

 Every Saturday, the old address should go to a temple and bring the new leaf according to the earlier stated method. By doing this measure for a few weeks, the problem of money will start to go away.

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