WPI inflation dropped to 15.18 pc in June
WPI inflation dropped to 15.18 pc in June

The annual rate of inflation for the month of June was 15.18%, down from 15.88% for the month of May, all-India Wholesale Price Index (WPI) showed. The inflation rate was 12.07 percent in June 2021.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, "the increase in prices of mineral oils, food items, crude petroleum & natural gas, basic metals, chemicals & chemical products, food products, etc. as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year" is the primary cause of the high rate of inflation in June.

When compared to May 2022, the WPI index for the month of June 2022 showed no month-over-month change, it said.  Food items from the Primary Articles group and food items from the Manufactured Products group make up the WPI food index, which rose from 176.1 in May to 178.4 in June. Based on the WPI Food Index, the inflation rate climbed from 10.89% in May to 12.41% in June.

In June, the index for Primary Articles rose from 179.8 in May to 182.4, a gain of 1.45%. In June, the cost of primary goods such as natural gas and crude oil rose by 6.59 percent and 2.40 percent, respectively. In June, prices for non-food items (down 2.06%) and minerals (down 9.04%) decreased. Cereals, paddy, wheat, legumes, vegetables, potatoes, onions, fruits, milk, eggs, meat, and fish are only a few examples of food items.

Fuel and power index rose from 154.4 in May to 155.4 in June, a rise of 0.65%. When compared to May, mineral oil prices climbed by 0.98 percent in June.

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