Do you know what are the advantages of writing?

Jul 26 2019 04:51 PM
Do you know what are the advantages of writing?

Nowadays laptops and computers are the same, so people rarely write on paper. All the work in the office is done on the computer, so obviously, the pen will only be picked up to sign. But you should also have a habit of writing because it has many benefits. Today, we are going to tell you some of the benefits of writing, which you will be shocked to know. Writing make you smart. According to research, those who don't write at all suffer from stress and anxiety. Writing boosts the immune system.

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Brain Workout
According to research, the writing process makes things splash in the brain in a better way. Working on a computer doesn't help much. In fact, there are many types of sense rs. On handwriting, the brain receives feedback from the muscles and knuckle of the fingers. Such feedback is stronger than the response you get when you type on the keyboard.

Wounds are easily healed
According to a study, distracting experiences or writing your problems on paper strengthens the immune system as well as rapidly filling the body's wounds. Some people were involved in the study. Everyone was asked to write their best and bad experiences. Some wrote painful experiences, some recorded activities planned for the next day.

All these participants had wounds to do a biopsy on the arm. Two weeks later, the two groups were compared to the healing of the wound. The findings revealed that those who wrote painful experiences recovered three times faster than those who did not. Painful experience-writers saw a rate of injury at 76 %. According to the researchers, this study shows the relationship between the brain and the body.

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