WWE superstar Triple H making his return to the ring.
WWE superstar Triple H making his return to the ring.

It confirmed by the WWE that Triple H will be back in action soon. He had last seen in the ring during Wrestlemania 33, in which he had a fight with Seth Rollins. Triple H had to face Rollin and lost the match, since then he was not seen in any match. Triple H has been a 14-time WWE Champion. However, it is not yet clear what will be the role of Triple H's live event. Most of the blue brands, including WWE AJ Stiles, Jindar Mahal, Shinsuke Nakamura, Charlotte Flair, will participate in this live event.

This event is being organized by WWE 2K18. At the same time, Triple H was informed that on November 6, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Charlotte Flair And Jindar Mahal will come to Lisbon and in this case, Triple H will also be invited. There will be a special appeal of Triple H in the events happening in Campo Picnic. Do not miss the chance to see Triple H and SmackDown! Triple H now works as Executive Vice President of Talent for the WWE, as of now Triple H will be performed as a part-timer just like the universal champion Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Goldberg ( who retire from Wrestling). It looks like WWE might looking forward to Triple H retiring plans in future. It might be confirmed to see ‘The Game’ last time soon.

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