X Introduces Early Version of Video and Audio Calling Feature
X Introduces Early Version of Video and Audio Calling Feature

Elon Musk made a significant announcement on Thursday, revealing an initial iteration of the video and audio calling functionality within X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Although this feature is not yet universally accessible, users can activate video and audio calls by navigating to the 'Direct Messages' section and toggling the option under the 'Privacy and Safety' settings. To enjoy this new feature, users must ensure they have updated their app to the latest version.

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, also introduced the video call feature, sharing a screenshot that exhibited the standard picture-in-picture layout. The screenshot featured icons for adjusting speakerphone settings, video and microphone controls, and a button to terminate the call.

During their announcements, neither Musk nor Yaccarino disclosed whether the video and audio calls would be encrypted or if encryption would be implemented in the future. The possibility of this feature being offered as a paid service remained undisclosed as well.

Musk conveyed, "It's still in beta, but the potential is promising," through a post on X, underscoring the developmental nature of this feature.

On October 18, X had initiated a 'Not a Bot' testing program in New Zealand and the Philippines. This program required new, unverified X users to pay an annual fee of $1 for interaction privileges on the platform. Musk and Yaccarino have left the question of whether all X users will be required to pay for access to platform features in the future unresolved.

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