X Updates Policies Amid Israel-Palestine Violence; CEO Withdraws from Conference"
X Updates Policies Amid Israel-Palestine Violence; CEO Withdraws from Conference

X, formerly known as Twitter, has recently implemented significant policy updates in response to the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine. As the conflict continues to claim the lives of hundreds of civilians on both sides, X is taking steps to combat hate speech and the dissemination of false videos on its platform.

The X Safety Team, in an announcement made on Tuesday, introduced options for users to filter sensitive content while ensuring that critical information remains accessible to the public, enabling real-time awareness of the situation. Additionally, the platform has taken action against newly-established Hamas-affiliated accounts, enforced measures against abusive users, and initiated the rollout of Community Notes to counteract misinformation.

According to a statement from the X Safety Team, "Our escalation teams have acted upon tens of thousands of posts containing graphic media, violent speech, and hateful behavior. We remain vigilant in monitoring and addressing antisemitic speech within all our endeavors. Furthermore, we have taken decisive steps to eliminate several hundred accounts attempting to manipulate trending topics."

In a separate development, X's owner, Elon Musk, is experimenting with a feature that restricts replies to verified users for specific posts.

Over the past few days, X witnessed a surge in the posting of uncensored videos depicting deceased or unclothed civilians, explosions, protests, abductions, and the mistreatment of children. Many of these videos were attributed to non-media accounts and frequently mislabeled as clips from previous conflicts. They were widely shared without any accompanying warnings or flags.

Musk, at one point, suggested an account for war updates, even though it had a history of making antisemitic remarks. Musk later retracted his endorsement.

Given the current global circumstances and the priority of platform safety, X CEO Linda Yaccarino has opted not to participate in the upcoming WSJ Tech Live Conference, as reported by WSJ journalist Joanna Stern on Tuesday.

During her interview at the Code Conference, Yaccarino was unable to provide answers regarding Musk's plans to potentially charge users for access to X. She displayed her smartphone, revealing that she did not appear to have the X app on her homepage, as reported by The Verge.

Furthermore, Yaccarino emphasized the importance of the Anti-Defamation League, an organization advocating for Jewish rights, acknowledging the strides made by X in combating hate on its platform.

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