Xiaomi is going to introduce wireless washing machines to its customers!

Xiaomi is a very popular smartphone manufacturer that is working to make phones as well as many more amazing gadgets. Recently, Xiaomi has also introduced a new teaser which is also giving a glimpse of one of their upcoming products.  According to reports, Xiaomi is going to introduce a new wireless washing machine, the Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Washing Machine. So let's know what features are being given to you in it.

Xiaomi launching wireless washing machine: As we have told you, Xiaomi has teased a wireless washing machine, the Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Washing Machine. This gadget looks like a small tank, working without any wire and it can do everything, brooms, dusting and wipes. This wireless washing machine will be offered for pre-order for $294 (about Rs 22,773) and then its price will be increased to $367 (approximately Rs 28,424) later.

This is how it looks like the Xiaomi MIJIA wireless washing machine: In terms of features, this machine is different, at the same time, in terms of design, it is also very different from the rest of the cleaning gadgets. This wireless washing machine is being provided with a roller brush like a crawler, it is going to have a front-covered viping method. This is a machine from which brooms, dusting and wipes, everything is going to be done at once.

This washing machine is very useful: The design of the Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Washing Machine is such that in its roller brush you are going to get a long area so that you can also clean in a better way. In which an automatic mode is also being found, which on turning on the machine itself will be able to guess how much dirt there is. Accordingly, she is going to adjust the output of water and suction.

Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Washing Machine: As soon as this wireless washing machine is about to go back to its cleaning base, it will start charging automatically. If you want, by pressing a button in the Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless Washing Machine, you can also start the Deep Self-Cleaning Program so that the machine itself can decide how many places to clean, and you will not have to do anything yourself. At the moment, the Xiaomi MIJIA wireless washing machine is not going to be launched in India and other countries. 

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