Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs. Huawei Band 3 Pro: the result is surprising
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs. Huawei Band 3 Pro: the result is surprising

Price does not always mean cool or primitive. Therefore, it is very important to consider buying from all sides. Today, our "victims" will be two Chinese smart bracelets that have conquered the world audience. Who is cooler? Is it worth overpaying? And if it is, then to whom?

Round 1: Design and Ergonomics

Like all television sets or stools, smart bracelets are not much different at first glance. But if you look at the comrades in more detail, you can note: Huawei Band 3 Pro looks more "elitist." It is difficult to judge the strength of glass externally, so just believe: the screen of this model perfectly resists scratches.

In general, the Mi Band 3 and Band 3 Pro are almost identical: light, compact, with practical and comfortable silicone straps.

Round 2: display

The cheaper Mi Band 3 meets the owner with a green gamut of pixels and medium brightness / contrast.

But Band 3 Pro is chic: a larger-scale and high-quality image, bright color pictures, and not a green monochrome.
In fact, the difference in the resolution of the screens can not be noticed. Especially in a hurry, glancing at the bracelet.
Both gadgets are responsive and react to pressing equally quickly. Even if the "brake" appears, in both cases it will be identical.

But on the gestures bracelets react to the separation. Xiaomi maintains a small pause, analyzes whether the wake-up call was false. And Huawei "wakes up" from each characteristic movement of the hand.

Round 3: Battery

Here Mi Band 3 takes a proud look: its battery is as much as 10% larger than its rival. Does it make sense? - yes, almost none. After all, both gadgets withstand more than two weeks without recharging.

To charge a cheaper Mi Band 3, you need to remove the capsule from the strap and insert a special adapter.

To power the Band 3 Pro you need a special “platform” with a branded wire.

Round 4: sport and active life

Lovers of jogging in the open air more suitable Huawei. With such an assistant, you can safely leave your smartphone at home. The bracelet will record your route, tell you about the speed and give you full statistics.

The creation of Xiaomi does not have a GPS sensor. It remembers the path and measures the speed of the smartphone, and the Mi Band 3 can only count the steps and monitor the pulse. Even the activation of the modes should occur in the application on the smartphone.

As a result, you get the same statistics from both models of bracelets.
The accuracy of the data is fully reliable on both Band 3 Pro and Mi Band 3.

Round 5: Notifications

Clear vibration signals will not let you miss anything important.

Finally! Xiaomi makes a competitor nervously smoke on the sidelines: more advanced software and advanced notification settings, the ability to leave only the most important and seem to be superfluous.

Huawei will answer you: "Either all or nothing." Either twitch from every notification, or get none.

So, wins ...

With a decent margin in our battle, the Huawei Band 3 Pro wins. The test results showed that a greater number of indicators for the Huawei bracelet is higher. Although both models are a great example of decent value for money.

Who is suitable?

Sportsmen and lovers of active pastime Huawei Band 3 Pro will be a loyal assistant.
And if you need a smart bracelet to control moderate daily activity and quickly, conveniently receive messages, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will be happy to provide you with your “shoulder”.

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