Xiaomi released a
Xiaomi released a "mosquito killer" who can protect you all summer

These are new fumigators, which are sold immediately by three pieces so that you can arrange them throughout the apartment.

By the approaching summer season, Xiaomi has released a new model of the Mijia Mosquito Basic Edition fumigator. It kills mosquitoes with a pyrethroid-based insecticide plate that is harmless to humans, but poisonous to insects.

One such plate will be enough for 720 hours of operation, or about three months if you turn on the fumigator for 8 hours a day. These "killer mosquitoes" are sold three pieces at a time, which helps protect the entire apartment from the bloodsuckers. Each fumigator can handle up to 28 square meters.

Externally, the devices are made in the traditional for the brand Mijia design, which is called the Mi-Look. They will easily fit into any interior and will not attract too much attention to themselves. Fumigators are powered by simple batteries.

In China, the starting price for three Mijia Mosquito Basic Edition will be only 99 yuan or about 950 rubles. Soon they should appear on AliExpress.

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