Xiaomi stops the release of test assemblies MIUI for all devices
Xiaomi stops the release of test assemblies MIUI for all devices

As it is known, the global version of the MIUI firmware was offered in two versions - stable and beta versions. In this case, a stable version was installed on smartphones out of the box, and the beta version, the owners of the devices, if desired, could install themselves. The main difference of the beta version is that it gives access to new features and latest innovations earlier than stable, but it loses in terms of stability.

Recently it became known that the company Xiaomi since July 1, decided to stop releasing the MIUI Global Beta firmware for smartphones under both the Xiaomi brand and Redmi. In this case, the manufacturer said that the development of beta versions has become problematic due to the release to the market of an increasing number of smartphones, and more and more users began to install the beta version on their devices. As a result, the MIUI developers simply physically cannot maintain the required rate of release of updates.

In order to meet the requirements of most of our users and more often release stable updates, our team of engineers decided to stop releasing the global version of MIUI Beta for all devices starting July 1, 2019,” says Xiaomi.

At the same time, Xiaomi noted that the main task of beta testing was to get feedback, and most users of MIUI Global Beta almost never gave feedback.

Given the above, the company decided to concentrate all efforts on the release of a stable version of MIUI, and the abolition of beta testing will allow developers to produce an optimized MIUI assembly offering the best experience for all at once.

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