Yamuna water level rises, residents forced to live roadside
Yamuna water level rises, residents forced to live roadside

After the rise in the water level of the Yamuna River, the people living near the shores were forced to vacate the place to avoid any loss of life. As per the reports, the number of shelter homes are not enough to accommodate all the residents. This has led to a condition that the people who were earlier residing near the shores of the river are now forced to live by the roadside.

According to the people, Everything can be seen by everyone here. The government has not provided them with any support or help. They were told to vacate their homes since there were chances of overflow. They complained that they have come to a condition where they have no other option than living on the roads. Some of them have been residing near the bridge.

The  Rain Baseras or the shelter homes cannot accommodate all of them hence they have been forced to live on the roads.

As per the reports, on Sunday, the water level of river Yamuna touched 205.46 metres and crossed the danger limit of 204.83 metres.

'Loha Pul' more popularly known as the old Yamuna bridge has been closed temporarily due to the increase in water level mark to 205.53 marks.

Sources suggest that about 27 passenger trains have been cancelled and other 7 trains have been diverted due to the closure of the Yamuna bridge.

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