Yashvardhan Sharma: One of the youngest song producer and YouTube Comedian

Yashvardhan Sharma is one of the youngest creators of YouTube, who started on his own and proved himself. In between his studies, he made a name for himself by the age of 18. He became the founder of Viral Duniya, which is now entertaining many through his blog which is based on viral news.

He is going to produce a romantic emotional song "Aaja Na", which is digitally managed and The Scoop Beats Media and Distribution by HeyIndia.Yashvardhan was born on 11 June 2000, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. He started his schooling from ST. Benedict and currently doing BB-AC-AA from the University of Pune.

One of his famous lines, "If we cannot entertain, we cannot maintain" is one of his followers. It is a simple line but it has a deep meaning behind it. Shakespeare said, "All in one stage in the world", which means that we are all artists and if we don't know how to express and entertain others really, then how do we build our relationship with them Can keep This is the concept behind the origin of viral world which is about people, laughter, entertainment, and entertainment. 

Yashvardhan, who hails from a small town in Madhya Pradesh named Shivpuri, is an influential figure whose name can be considered a word for change."I am a strong believer in giving opportunities and believe that where I stand is also through that. I have been trying to shape my dreams for a long time. I saw many people standing against me, but I knew, if I wanted to make the best, I should stop listening to the opinions of others and see what my heart wants to be. I wanted to see how far my desires could take me and there I found myself with thoughts that were growing daily, ”he said.

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