At the behest of her grandmother, Karthik will dance with Vedika, but then...
At the behest of her grandmother, Karthik will dance with Vedika, but then...

TV's very popular show 'Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' is coming up with one twist after another. At the moment, the show shows the Goenka family celebrating Janmashtami with pomp for years, with Kairav as well as Naira at home. It has been very difficult for Naira to stay in this house for a few hours, as she is repeatedly missing moments with Karthik. On the one hand, Naira is getting upset as Vedika slowly takes her place.

Karthik-Naira will come close while celebrating Janmashtami, Vedika will become angry!


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At the same time, Karthik is so angry with her that he is not willing to listen to a single word of her. At the same time, the show's previous episode shows grandma shouts Naira a lot of details in front of Karthik, and a report surfaced that "she's going to do more drama in the upcoming episode." Grandma will ask Vedika to dance with Karthik. When the two dance together on the behest of grandmother, Naira will not be able to handle herself and she will be very emotional in front of everyone. Naira will see Vedika and Karthik dancing together and remember her old days, but she wishes everything goes well.

Online TRP list surfaced, the most popular show dropped in the TRP list!

It is reported that Lisa will be very dishearted by her boyfriend's antics and in the past, you may have noticed that Naira's friend Lisa is dating Akhilesh. When Lisa shares the problems she faces in her personal life, Naira will support her. Now it will be fun to see how Naira will help her.

In front of Vedika, Kairav will tell something to Karthik that everything will change!

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