Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update: Ishita tells Raman about Pooja's affair

Oct 16 2017 01:49 PM
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update: Ishita tells Raman about Pooja's affair

The previous episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Shagun telling Ishita that she won't let Ruhi stay in a live-in relationship with Nikhil. Ishita stops her and tells her that because of Raman and Shagun's planning, things have already got out of hand. Ruhi has now become a rebel.

Shagun then admits in front of Ishita that she blackmailed Pooja to force Nikhil to leave the city by using her daughter. Shagun then goes on to share that she had seen the same gold bracelet at Pooja's house which was distributed by Toshiji during Navratri to all the men of Bhalla house.

She also tells her that she saw a car owned by Bhalla family at Pooja's house and when the person sitting in the car saw Shagun, he ran away. Ishita also shares with her that even Ruhi had seen someone with Pooja. Shagun gets all the more confident that someone from the Bhalla house has an affair with Pooja. Meanwhile, Param visits the Bhalla house with an expectation to see a big fight because of Ruhi's decision of living in with Nikhil. But to his surprise, there is silence in the house.

He goes to Ishita's room and overhears the conversation regarding the missing bracelet. He hatches a plan and pretends that he has lost his bracelet. He stages the drama so that Ishita and Shagun suspect that he is the same person who is having an affair with Pooja. Ishita and Shagun fall into his trap. Shagun goes on to announce it to Papaji, Simi and the rest of the family that Param is having an affair, but they fail as Simi finds Param's bracelet in her room.

Papaji and Simi shout at Shagun for interfering in their family matter and accusing Param of having an affair with Pooja. They ask her to leave the house and go away. Raman keeps an eye on Ruhi and Nikhil who are sitting in a restaurant. He spies on them and gets irritated that Nikhil is trying to take his daughter away. Nikhil and Ruhi are finding a new flat where they can stay together.

Ishita goes on to meet Raman at a property dealer's office. It is learnt that Ruhi and Nikhil are already there. As soon as they leave, Ishita and Raman enter the property dealer's cabin. Ishita chances to know the dealer as his son is her patient. They inquire about Ruhi and Nikhil and the property dealer tells them that Ruhi and Nikhil were here to rent a house. He also addresses them as husband and wife. Raman gets irked to hear this, but Ishita handles the situation. She tells the property dealer that he should not give them the flat. Ishita later explains to Raman that by telling the truth about Nikhil and Ruhi to the property dealer will only effect Ruhi's image. She also informs him that someone from their family is having an affair with Pooja.

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