Naira played the drum fiercely during Ganesh immersion, watch viral video

Sep 10 2019 12:40 PM
Naira played the drum fiercely during Ganesh immersion, watch viral video

The makers of TV's very popular show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' enshrined Ganpati Bappa on the set and now they have immersed Bappa. In such a situation, while bidding farewell to Ganapati Bappa, there was a lot of enthusiasm in the team of Rishta and all the actors on the set arrived wearing colorful clothes and everyone had a big smile on their face which you can see in these pictures. At the same time, Shivangi had a lot of fun, playing Naira in the show. Shivangi Joshi took a lot of pictures during Ganpati Bappa's immersion ceremony, and she also played the drum.

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Yes, Shivangi looked very attractive in a Pink Salwar Kameez during this time. Actress Shivangi Joshi also bid farewell to Ganesh ji and she too had fun at the event and played drums which you can see in these viral videos. During this, all of them appeared to be in a good mood while immersing Ganesh ji and all were seen in a splendid style, but Shivangi appeared to be very much intoxicated and she played a lot of drums. The stars arrived at the occasion of Ganesh Visarjan, and the show's crew members also looked fabulous.

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At the same time, actress Shivangi Joshi also had a lot of fun with the crew members on the occasion of Ganesh Visarjan and took a lot of pictures with them and also played the drum. Yes, Shivangi Joshi played the dhol herself during Ganesh immersion and while she was playing the dhol, the whole team was dancing fiercely.

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